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Matinecock, Nassau, NY



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SANDS, Othniel  1699Matinecock, Nassau, NY I9794
2 UNDERHILL, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1669Matinecock, Nassau, NY I8020
3 WEEKS, Abigail  Abt 1680Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13167
4 WEEKS, Abraham  1714Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17567
5 WEEKS, Caleb  1712Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17566
6 WEEKS, Charles  1686Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13044
7 WEEKS, Charles  9 Oct 1793Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17703
8 WEEKS, Francis  Abt 1678Matinecock, Nassau, NY I9997
9 WEEKS, Freelove  17 Apr 1706Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13154
10 WEEKS, George  Abt 1680Matinecock, Nassau, NY I9996
11 WEEKS, Hannah  1693Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17555
12 WEEKS, Hannah  1763Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17955
13 WEEKS, Humphrey  Abt 1674Matinecock, Nassau, NY I9995
14 WEEKS, Isaac  1757Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17954
15 WEEKS, Jacob  1710Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13153
16 WEEKS, John  8 Jul 1674Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17551
17 WEEKS, Jonathan  1 Jul 1696Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17556
18 WEEKS, Jotham  22 Aug 1723Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17568
19 WEEKS, Martha  1765Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17956
20 WEEKS, Mary  Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17957
21 WEEKS, Mary  Abt 1693Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13168
22 WEEKS, Nathaniel  9 Sep 1683Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13048
23 WEEKS, Phebe  Abt 1685Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17542
24 WEEKS, Philip  Abt 1679Matinecock, Nassau, NY I9998
25 WEEKS, Rhoda  Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17958
26 WEEKS, Richard  1691Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17554
27 WEEKS, Robert  31 Mar 1708Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13157
28 WEEKS, Samuel Cock  7 Aug 1797Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17704
29 WEEKS, Sarah  Abt 1677Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13166
30 WEEKS, Silas  5 Aug 1705Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17565
31 WEEKS, Susannah  1694Matinecock, Nassau, NY I13050
32 WEEKS, Thomas  1729Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17700
33 WEEKS, Zopher  22 Nov 1750Matinecock, Nassau, NY I17952