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Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA



Matches 101 to 150 of 167

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 WASHBURN, Bethiah  1720Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10294
102 WASHBURN, Cornelius  6 May 1702Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12515
103 WASHBURN, Daughter  29 Nov 1696Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13838
104 WASHBURN, Deliverance  Abt 1696Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13958
105 WASHBURN, Ebenezer  23 Feb 1690Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12512
106 WASHBURN, Ebenezer  Abt 1693Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10871
107 WASHBURN, Ebenezer  Bef 1734Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I20762
108 WASHBURN, Edward  Abt 1698Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10873
109 WASHBURN, Edward  8 Dec 1700Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13989
110 WASHBURN, Elijah  Bef 1726Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I20760
111 WASHBURN, Elisabeth  5 Apr 1710Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13994
112 WASHBURN, Elizabeth  Abt 1682Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13952
113 WASHBURN, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1684Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12510
114 WASHBURN, Ephriam  Abt 1695Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10872
115 WASHBURN, Ezra  Abt 1721Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10270
116 WASHBURN, Gideon  16 Aug 1704Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13991
117 WASHBURN, Hannah  Abt 1690Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13964
118 WASHBURN, Henry  Bef 12 Jan 1732Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10293
119 WASHBURN, Hepzibah  Abt 1680Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10286
120 WASHBURN, Hepzibah  Abt 1683Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13954
121 WASHBURN, Hepzibah  Abt 1744Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10274
122 WASHBURN, Isaac  Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I15053
123 WASHBURN, Israel  24 Feb 1683Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13961
124 WASHBURN, James  15 May 1672Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10317
125 WASHBURN, James  6 Oct 1698Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13988
126 WASHBURN, Jane  Bef 1672Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10316
127 WASHBURN, Jane  Abt 1731Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10296
128 WASHBURN, Joanna  12 Oct 1693Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12514
129 WASHBURN, John  5 Apr 1682Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13940
130 WASHBURN, Jonathan  1658Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10291
131 WASHBURN, Jonathan  Abt 1683Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10868
132 WASHBURN, Jonathan  29 Aug 1700Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12517
133 WASHBURN, Jonathan  1728Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10295
134 WASHBURN, Joseph  7 Jul 1653Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10312
135 WASHBURN, Joseph  7 Jul 1683Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13941
136 WASHBURN, Joseph  Abt 1687Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10869
137 WASHBURN, Joseph  Bef 1720Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I20758
138 WASHBURN, Josiah  11 Feb 1680Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13939
139 WASHBURN, Josiah  12 May 1686Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12511
140 WASHBURN, Lemuel  1714Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I20756
141 WASHBURN, Libeus  Abt 1747Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10276
142 WASHBURN, Lucy  5 Dec 1740Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I20662
143 WASHBURN, Martha  27 Feb 1692Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12513
144 WASHBURN, Martha  10 Jan 1708/1709Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13993
145 WASHBURN, Mary  28 Oct 1694Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13986
146 WASHBURN, Mary  Bef 1726Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I20763
147 WASHBURN, Miles  Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I10870
148 WASHBURN, Moses  9 Sep 1702Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13990
149 WASHBURN, Nathan  29 Jan 1699Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I12516
150 WASHBURN, Nathaniel  Abt 1687Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA I13953

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