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4101 There is a great deal of discrepancy about just who Samuel Allen married. Some sources claim he married Mary Alden..daughter of Joseph Alden and Granddaughter of John & Pricilla Alden of the Mayflower. Other sources claim he married "Mary/Mercy Pratt". Because I'm not sure and can't seem to find out which is correct I am including both marriages. Maybe he was married to both at different times? This will be corrected when and if the answer is found and backed up by records.
His death date in some sources is listed as between 1736 and 1750.
Was engaged in many Indian Battles and while on a March to join Captain Church (with his father) with twenty of his neighbors took seventeen prisoners without a single casualty. 
ALLEN, Samuel (I6592)
4102 There is confusion as to who really married Samuel Allen in 1700,. Some historical sources say "Mary Alden" and others say "Mary Pratt" . For that reason I'm including both lines in the family tree. ALDEN, Mary (I6611)
4103 There seems to be some sort of mix-up on Philipps birth date. It is either Feberuary 11, 1808 or November 2, 1808. His wife Dorthea Rothley's parent were farmers and glaziers (a person who sets glass in window frames). Philipps parent died in 1814, from the cholera given to them by Nepoleons soldiers, when Philipp was 6 years old. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle Henry Rodrian and Jean Arnold-Rodrian. RODRIAN, Philipp (I6850)
4104 There was no date on his grave stone, only 1St SQD. Co. A, 25th INF., C.S.A. Elijah resided in Virginia and enlisted in Ashe County at the age of 19 on May 17, 1861. He was mustered in as a Private and was promoted to Corporal on April 17, 1862. He was present and accounted for until he was wounded at an early battle at Gettysburg, PA on July 1, 1863. He returned to duty prior to January 1, 1864 and was promoted to Sergeant in March-June 1864. He was present and accounted for until captured near Petersburg, VA on October 27, 1864. He was confined at Pt. Lookout, Maryland, until paroled and transferred to Roulwate's and Cox's Wharves, James River, VA. where he was received Feb. 20-21, 1865 for exchange. Pg. 479 from book CO A, 26th Regiment, NC Troops show Elijah as a 1st Sergeant.

On 30 April 1864 Elijah married Lovey Jane Davis, while he was home, probably recovering from his wound that he had received on July 1, 1863. Lovey Jane was 15 years of age.

A niece of his, Mrs. Ruby Davis Grace said that everyone loved this man. He was one of the kindest of men. If anyone went to heaven, her mother said that "Liege" would.

1870 Ashe Co. NC Census page 6, #53
1880 Ashe Co. Census, page 76, house & Fam. #130.
1860 Ashe Co., NC Census, pg 50, #838

FGR from the family Bible of William B. & Mary E. Smith, from Mary Eveline Spencer who is owner of the Bible.

Other First Name: Elizah 
SMITH, Elijah "Liege" Franklin (I5449)
4105 These children are listed for spouse Mary Bishop.
AFN information lists name as Ann Hunt? 
BISHOP, Mary (I2474)
4106 They are cousins, great grandchildren of Stephen Spence. ALLEN, Dana Vance (I4060)
4107 They had 1 child. Family F2319
4108 They had sons. His wife lived in Plaistow, NH after his death. SPENCER, Ernest (I4122)
4109 They had the following children:
i. Ruth6,2. Born in 1666. Ruth married Robert BARROW.
ii. Patience2. Born in 1670/1671. Patience married Richard WILLIS, son of Richard WILLIS & Ann GLASS.
iii. Sarah. Born in Dec 1649. Sarah died in 1650 in died infant.
iv. Sarah. Born in 1651.4 Sarah died in 1651 in died infant.
v. Sarah (1653-1742)
vi. George. In 1683 George married Elizabeth JENNEY2, daughter of Samuel JENNEY. 
Family F1795
4110 This could be the marriage of either Mary Alden or mary Pratt...There is a discrepancy in history records and there hasn't been any real proof of either lady. Family F4794
4111 This is from LDS Family Group Record data. I am concerned that MartinLuther Kibler married a Anna Mariah Shank on 13 Oct 1813. This looks a little coincidental, and needs further verification. SHANK, Amelia (I23553)
4112 Thomas is burried in the Andrews Cemetary, in Jasper Co., IL BROOKS, Thomas (I933)
4113 Thomas Pollock; age 31 KY; Eli Robertson age 60 KY living with family or a neighbor
FAMILY: 1870 US Census; William P Pollock age 72 Ireland, Judith Pollock age 66 KY and John Pollock age 26 Indiana on next page of census, possible family
BIRTH: 1880 US Census; ED# 23, Clark, Indiana; LDS# 446856; Thomas Pollock; age 43 KY; farmer; Father - Ireland, Mother - KY
BIRTH: 1900 US Census: 9 4 17 44; Thomas Pollock; MAR 1837; age 63 ; Ireland, KY; Married 40 years 
POLLOCK, Thomas (I2596)
4114 Thomas S. Brooks was known as "Yankee Tom". BROOKS, Thomas S. (I929)
4115 Thomas the founder of the Westchester family of Hunt, was living in Stamford, Ct. as early as 1650. Although he is mentioned by Wyman as included in records of the Plymouth Bay Colony, there is no authoritive evidence that would prove Thomas Hunt of Stamford to have arrived in New England before 1650.

In 1652 Thomas Hunt is found in the annals of the region as purchasing of Augstine Harmans land on Spicer's and Bracketts Necks. This land became the nucleus of the famous Grove Farm of Westchester, understood by the author, to have been under the terms of a single entail from 1695 to 1790.

The Grove Farm was patented to Thomas Hunt, as including "a certain parcel of land . . .near the Thown of Westchester containing by estimations 106 Acres or thereabouts be it more or less," on 4 Dec. 1667, by Governor Richard Nicholls.

Confirmation of the patent was made by governor Dongan under date of 12 Jan. 1686. The Grove Farm is now owned in part by the House of the Good Shepherd, in the Bronx, New York City. On Ferris Ave., in the Bronx, was standing as late as 1912 the ancient home of Thomas Hunt (later known as "Ferris Grange") which was built in 1687.There is ample evidence showing that Thomas Hunt, the founder,was of High Church persuasion. Albeit numerous of his descendants became Friends, the eldest branch of the family remained until the Revolution, under the spiritual guidance of the Anglican Church.

There is evidence that Thomas Hunt was of High Church persuasion, even though many of his descendants became Quakers. The eldest branch of the family remained until the Revolution, under the spiritual guidance of the Anglican Church.

About 1658, due to disputes between the English and Dutch as to the jurisdiction of the region between Fairfield, CT., and New Amsterdam (now New York City), Thomas Hunt withdrew into Long Island. Under dates of 1660 and 1661 he is mentioned in the records of Newtown, L.I. (now Elmhurst).

In 1664, on 6 Sept., Colonel Nicholls took possession of New Amsterdam in the name of the English (See Edward Jessop) sovereign. Shortly afterward's Thomas Hunt returned to Westchester, and in Oct. 1664 described in Stamford as a delegate from Westchester.

From 1664 until his decease in 1695 Thomas remained on the Grove Farm at Westchester. 
HUNT, Thomas (I15789)
4116 three children FISHER, Susan Isabella (I27232)
4117 three children FISHER, Mary (I27239)
4118 To be called Emma. Born at 8:16 a.m., and Weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz., 19
inches long at birth. Delivered by Nurse Midwife Beattie; family
friend James R. Bowles, CRNA, provided spinal anesthesia. Delivered
at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center, Clackamas, Oregon.

At a family picnic to celebrate Jonah Beck's birthday, Emma was
enjoying running around in a large field of grass, playing with the
other children. She had a very wide-based walk since her hip spica
cast had been removed about two weeks before. This gave her rump a
very distinctive swing when she ran. Sherman Beck, observing her run,
said, "She looks just like the Relief Society President looking for
the Bishop." 
WOOLNER, Emmalyn (I29365)
4119 TOLLINGER = DUNN Family F2239
4120 Tombstone says 8 Dec 1902 ANDERSON, Hannah (I26665)
4121 town originally in Albany Co. Family F17037
4122 Tradition states they married on horseback near Marion, VA.

From Laura Lovelace Larkin - bland/@/inetone.net 
Family F2300
4123 trella
!DEATH: Dominica daughter of Salvatoris Bulloti and Dominica Bulotti ; age 30 
BULOTTI, Maria Dominica Natalina (I2685)
4124 Trinity Church Family F18051
4125 twin died 31 May according to Fisher tree FISHER, William (I27229)
4126 Twin died age 11 years. See Marjorie note pg10 5-29 MCALPINE, Frances Isabelle (I1112)
4127 Twin of Colin KENNEDY, Kevin (I26545)
4128 Twin of David KAY, Isaac W. (I26779)
4129 Twin of Isaac W. KAY, David P. (I26780)
4130 Twin of Kevin KENNEDY, Colin (I26546)
4131 twin sister SPENCE (I3955)
4132 Twin to Mary WOODFIN, William (I29538)
4133 Twin to William WOODFIN, Mary (I29539)
4134 Twin, died in infancy. SPENCE (I3955)
4135 Twin, died in infancy. SPENCE (I8862)
4136 Twin, died in infancy. SPENCE (I22633)
4137 Twin, died in infancy. SPENCE (I22634)
4138 Twins with Johnson Clark. Died as infant. CATRON, Joseph E. (I92)
4139 Twins with Joseph E. CATRON, Johnson Clark (I30)
4140 Two Anthony's? One born 21 Apr 1731, the other 29 Dec 1740, but both died 1764? Family F5573
4141 Two daughters - one born between Sam & Mary, stillborn - one born between Ed & John, died shortly after birth.
Brother from a previous marriage - killed while swinging. 
Family F1544
4142 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WALKER, C. (I26007)
4143 Typed as it appears. The date is written 1855 but I believe the date was 1885 as in the letter he mentions the centenial year. Letter is from Alfred Weeks to William H. Weeks. Alfred was the son of Samuel Weeks and Mary Lyons. Samuel was the brother of Gilbert Weeks.

Phila 5ÕMoÓ3d 1855

Dear Sir
Your letter of the 29Óuth came duly to hand and I am happy to state establishes our relationship beyond a doubt. Your father was named after my uncle John Devoux, who married my fatherÕs twin sister, and although you do not state it, I presume your gandather was my Uncle James, who I remember seeing when a boy. I would like honored, if you would state the facts, so that the history of the various branches of the family may be stated correctly.
My oldest brother Charles died about ten years ago in New Orleans, where he had resided for some thirty years. His only son Samuel with his family visited me during the Centenial year, but died as one of the first victims of yellow fever the following year leaving a widow and two children. since the death of my wife two years ago I have been living with my youngest son, the only one of my family living in Phila. My oldest son Wm H is living in New York and my daughter married to Emlen (canÕt read first name) Painter is living in Bloomfield N Jersey and I reside alternately with each of them . This I call my permanent home. My interest being ???? Phila. My youngest son is the aepresentater (that is what it looks like) in this city of the Canada Southern Railroad. His brother is a practical chemist and manufacturer in New York. My daugthers husband is also a chemist and was professer of Chemistry in the California College of Pharmacy in San Francisco, and is now connected with the college of Pharmacy in New York. He is also the Potmicatao (that is what it looks like) of the Pharmacy under the Hotel Brunswick, New York.
I am and have been for two or three years best in correspondence with Robert D. Weeks of Garistand (can not quite make out the town name) N Jersey and have given him all the facts concerning our branch of the family, but there are some links wanting which I hope to gather up. I am exceedingly pleased that you have been successful in tracing your Aunts. Should my health continue as good as it is that I hope to be able to go after more facts concerning the history of our family. But I am getting old, and have been unable to practice my profession for some years back. Thus trusting to see you at some time I remain
Very Truly
A. Weeks. 
WEEKS, Alfred (I15424)
4144 Typhoid fever - see notes HICKS, Jerusha A. (I23316)
4145 u of
Christofoni Teccha; 6 OCT 1709 
CADRA, Joannes (I2857)
4146 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WOOLNER, B.E. (I29346)
4147 ughter of
Jacobi Ant Campini 
PAPINA, Joseph Maria Paschal (I2941)
4148 Unconfirmed location O'BRIEN, Eleanor (I26825)
4149 Undersheriff of Solano County. LOCKIE, Ernest (I29374)
4150 United Church OULTON, William Enzor (I27113)

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