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351 !NAME:Francis Coates - PER0233
BD:bef 1652
BP:Middleton-on-Leven or in Cleveland, Yorkshire, England
MP:Hutton-Rudby parish, Yorkshire, England
DD:bef 24 Apr 1696 (will proved)
DP:Middleton-on-Leven, Yorkshire, England
IP:Middleton or Hutton-Rudby, Yorkshire, England
OCC:yeoman farmer 
COATES, Francis (I6714)
352 !NAME:Isabell Coates - PER0233
PARN:Richard and Mary Coates
BP:Hilton, Yorkshire, England
DD:10 Mar 1817
DP:Pointe de Bute, NB
IP:Pointe de Bute, NB
MD:21 Dec 1739 (wrong year)
MP:Welbury parish, Yorkshire, England
MD:abt 1761
MP:prob Hutton-Rudby, Yorkshire, England 
COATES, Isabella (I6556)
353 !NAME:Jane .. - PER0233
ID:23 Jul 1761
IP:Welbury Parish, Yorkshire, England 
?, Jane (I27306)
354 !NAME:Joanna or Joan .. - PER0233
ID:10 Jul 1743
IP:Welbury Parish, Yorkshire, England
MD:Nov 1701
MP:Welbury Parish, Yorkshire, England
HUS:Edward Trenholme 
MILLS, Joanna (I6560)
355 !NAME:Mary .. - PER0233
BD:abt 1708/1713
DD:bef 1788
DP:Rudby-in-Cleveland, Yorkshire, England
MD:1st abt 1730
HUS:1st Richard Coates
HUS:2nd William Mudy (Moody)
MD:2nd 3 Feb 1748
MP:2nd Crathorne 
?, Mary (I27404)
356 !NAME:Mary Strang - BOK0003
PARN:Daniel and Elizabeth (Galpin) Strang
HUS:Jacob Silliker
emigrated to Bedeque, PEI as Loyalist!NAME:Mary Strang - BOK0003PARN:Daniel and Elizabeth (Galpin) Strang HUS:Jacob Silliker emigratedto Bedeque, PEI as Loyalist 
STRANG, Mary (I29202)
357 !NAME:Meretta Blair - G W Brownell notes in PANS PARN: of ChapmanSettlement

!NAME: - 'So Soon Forgotton Three Thousand Fillmores' by CharlesFillmore HUS: 
BLAIR, Agatha Maretta (I28760)
358 !NAME:Phoebe Purdy - BOK0003
HUS:Daniel Strang
LIVED:Cortlandt, NY 
PURDY, Phebe (I29174)
359 !NAME:Richard Coates - PER0233
BD:abt 1698/1704
BP:Hilton, Yorkshire, England
DD:bef 3 Jun 1743
DP:Hilton, Yorkshire, England
MD:abt 1730
PARN:William and Elizabeth Coates
WIF:Mary .. 
COATES, Richard (I6709)
360 !NAME:Robert Trenholm - PER0233
PARN:Edward and Joanna Trenholm
CD:11 Oct 1712
CP:Welbury Parish, Yorkshire, England
DD:31 May 1779
DP:Falmouth, Hants Co, NS
WIF:Jane .. 
TRENHOLM, Robert (I27305)
361 !NAME:William Coates - PER0233
PARN:Francis and Ann Coates
BD:abt 1676/1680
BP:Middleton-on-Leven, Yorkshire, England
DD:aft 3 Sept 1723
DP:Hilton, Yorkshire, England
WIF:Elizabeth .. 
COATES, William (I6712)
362 !Never married RUSCONI, Agnese (I2610)
363 !Never married RUSCONI, Chiara Angiola (I2629)
364 !Never married RUSCONI, Margherita (I2630)
365 !Pedigree chard from Delbert & Karen Hardy

Info provided by Margie Witcraft; 9636 Via Kenora; Spring Valley,CA

New Hampshire Genealogical Record Vol 1 # 4 Apr 1904; The first settlers
of Piscataway and Woodbridge by Monet; the O.B. Leonard Collection; N J Wills 
RUNYON, Thomas Sr. (I2458)
366 !Source: Notes on Lay Family History, Sep 1, 1954 (Stewert Lay).
"Edward Samuel - b. about 1608 in England; was recorded in hartford,Conn.
about 1640, where it is stated that he took a grant of land, butfailed to
prove it and thus lost it. He lived a time in the Saybrook aread, butleft for
Portsmouth, R.Island, where he died in 1692. He had married a Martha(surname
unknown) and named her in his will, as well as 'His Brother Robert;his brother
John's eldest son, John, and to sons of brothers Robert and John'.This will
established the fact that the three Lay emmigrants were brothers. Nomention
was made of any of his children, hence we must assume that he diedchildless
and his line ended with his death." 
LAY, Edward Samuel (I28364)
367 !The Name and Family of Bonham, author unknown BONHAM, Thomas Esquire (I2784)
368 !The Name and Family of Bonham, author unknown BONHAM, John (I2786)
369 !Went to live in Crescent City California
NAME: Alojsia 
CADRA, Efrem (I2638)
370 !WIFE: Possible wife; Nancy Hays married a John Williams Nov 3 1807 i n Grayson
Co VA 
WILLIAMS, John (I2510)
371 "Big" Marshall, brother of Evelyn Woolner. Operated a fruit ranch in
Suisun Valley, California. Inherited the ranch from his grandfather,
Benjamin Forster Woolner, possibly the same land he first purchased
about 1868. Address at time of death was 289B Suisun Valley Road.
SSAN: 555-52-5327. Middle name probably Foster or Forster. Was a
life-long bachelor. Graduated from Armijo High School, and then
University of California at Berkely in 1916. Enjoyed hunting, and
would take deer in the hills of Northern California almost every year.
Served in the U.S. Navy, Reserve Fleet, enlisting 9 March 1918 and
receiving an Honorable Discharge on 30 Sept 1921. Received a War
Service Certificate, # 46512 for serving during time of war. Member
of the Solano county farm Bureau. Services at the Hansen Bryan
Funeral Home on 30 March 1970. Middle name commonly spelled Foster,
but may have been Forster. Birth recorded in 9 Feb 1894 Solano
Republican (as a "daughter") and corrected on 16 Feb 1894. 
WOOLNER, Marshall Foster (I29373)
372 "Glimpses of Grayson" in Grayson Historical Society issue of Dec. 1985 by Jean Rieper: Jackson Reedy: Pvt. Co. D 50th VA; prisoner of war- Maj. Gen. Sheridan (Etc) captured; Waynesboro 2 Mar 1865; (Corp. Co G 50th VA); rec'd Ft. Delware from Winchester 12 Mar 1865; signs oath of allegiance at Ft. Delaware; place of residence: Ashe Co., NC; fair complexion; light hair; blue eyes; 5'2" released 19 Jun 1865.

Grayson County, VA, Wilson Dist. 1880 Census, # 17, pg 26

FGR from Ms. Minnie Hall, Mouth of Wilson, VA

1850 Grayson Co. Census by Rhonda Roberson, pg 44, # 368

1860 Census, Grayson Co., VA, pg 122; 5 children

1870 Grayson County Census, Wilson Dist., pg 297 
REEDY, Jackson (I5231)
373 "one of the sister's of Edmund Bocking, Esq" BOCKING, Joan (I2760)
374 "Possibly daughter of Donald Ramsay and Mary McMillan* of Low PointLot 13 PEI," Chart of J. Leonard Praught 1983. 'Pathways to thePresent, Hamilton PEI' refers to "Donald (1748- ), the eldest son,[of John Ramsay and Margaret Taylor] married Mary MacMillan* andsettled near Low Point (also called Gillis Point) in Lot 13. Theirchildren were John, Neil, Donald, Malcolm, Michael, Archibald, Angus,Mary, and Eleanor.

Mary McMillan came out on the same ship, the Annabella, as JohnRamsay, his wife Mary Shurman [a.k.a Margaret Taylor], and their 6sons and 2 nephews in Sept. 1770, and then married Donald.

Gravestone reads:
In memory 0f
wife of the late
of Park Corner
died July 21, 1852
aet. 76 
PENMAN, Jane (I25888)
375 "The Miller Families of Ashe Co., NC" by Danny L. Miller, pg 171 UNNAMED (I5213)
376 "The Miller Families of Ashe County, NC" by Danny L. Miller, pg 311

"A Branch of the Sturgill Family" by David A. Sturgill, pg 120, 175 
STURGILL, Winfield M. " Wint" (I5244)
377 "The Miller Families of Ashe County, NC" by Danny L. Miller, pg 311

FGR from Ford Childers, Aberdeen, MD.

Database from Basil McVey, Nov. 1998, web site: http://www.mindspring.com/!bmcvey/fam02007.htm 
WALLS, Bertha Jane (I5246)
378 "The Robert Hash Family" by O. Lee Hash & Jeffrey Weaver, pg 26

1850 Grayson Co. Census by Rhonda Roberson, pg 46, #387

FGR from Ms. Minnie Hall, Mouth of Wilson, VA, with letter dtd 11/7/1997 
DAVIS, William Washington (I5297)
379 "The Wrights of Bedeqaue..A Loyalist Family" Doris Haslan

James came with his parents from Yorkshire, England around 1800 to the Cape Tormentine area of New Brunswick. He and his brother George settled on grants farther up the shore in what soon became to be known as Spence Settlement. As his sons reached manhood James divided his grant, 175 acres to each son. He dammed a stream on his property and built a water mill to saw the lumber used to build the barns and houses on the four sonsÕ properties nearby. The pond still in use on his son GeorgeÕs homestead was repaired in 1974. In those early years the nearest store was in Great Shemoge but the farm provided most of the necessities of life. When James and Hannah were married he was twice as old as Hannah so when he passed away she was still a bright, alert woman, eager and ready to travel across the continent to visit her son in California. 
SPENCE, Capt. James C. (I6573)
380 "The Wrights of Bedeque' Doris Haslam, page #12-14

Stephen Wright was born about 1768 in Westchester County, New York and died Jan 19, 1841 in North Bedeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He married by a licensed issued July 11, 1791, Frances Lord, called Fanny, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Cottrell) Lord. She was born about 1771 in England and died Feb. 4, 1863 in Middleton, P.E.I. Stephen was a lad in his teens living on home farm in Westchester County during the American Revolution. No doubt he and his mother were left in charge because his father was imprisoned for his Patriot sympathies by the Rebels and his brother Nathaniel was away much of the time fighting in the militia. His father returned to find his family deprived of much of their property by the Rebels, with only one bed left in what had been a comfortable farm home and his wife and children sick with yellow fever. Stephen came by sea with his family to Shelburne and thence to the Island of St John in 1784.

StephenÕs father William and his brother Nathaniel both received grants of land as Loyalists, but StephenÕs application was denied because he was under age to receive land. However, he was issued tools and other supplies along with the other an accompanied the Loyalists group to Bedeque harbour to settle on lands of the dispossessed Acadians.

Stephen lived with his father on the north side of the Dunk River. here he brought his bride, Fanny Lord, and here their five sons and five daughters were born. Their marriage license has been preserved and is in the possession today of a great-great-grandson Lorne Cameron.

The License reads:
By His Excellency Edmund Fanning L.L.D. Lieutenant Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over His MajestyÕs Island of St. John and the Territories adjacent thereunto Chancellor of the same, etc. etc. etc.
To Stephen Wright, farmer, of Bedeque, and Fanny Lord, Spinster, of Tryon River in said Island
Whereas it hath been signified unto us that you have resolved to proceed to the solemnization of true and lawful matrimony and are desirous to have the same solemnized without Proclamation of Banns-And being willing that these your good intentions shall take effect and for other Lawful causes Do hereby grant this our license and faculty as well to you the parties contracting as to the Rev. Theophilus Disbrisay or any of His MajestyÕs Trustees of the Peace for the said island to solemnize the said marriage openly without Publishing of Banns According to the Rule of the Book of Common Prayer as by Law Stablished. provided there shall hereafter appear no lawful impediment by reason of consanguinity, affinity or any other cause whatsoever. And if in case there hereafter appear any fraud suggested, or truth suppressed at the time of obtaining this License then these presents shall be void and of non effect in law. Inhibiting hereby you the said Theo Desbrisay of any of the said Justices of the Peace if anything to the Premises come to your or any of their knowledge that you nor any of them do not proceed to the celebration of the said marriage without consulting us thereupon. Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms at Charlotte Town the eleventh day of July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety one in the thirty first year of his majestyÕs Reign.
By His ExcellencyÕs Command
Robert Gray D SecÕy

On Sept. 27, 1821 the proprietor of Lot 27, Horatio and Isabella (Searle) Mann, gave Stephen and his nephew Nathaniel Wright Jr. Power of attorney to manage their real estate. It was on eight hundred acres of this land that Stephen settled four of his sons, John, Stephen, William and Job. Their properties were in that part of Bedeque which came to be called South West Bedeque, now Middleton. Nathaniel, the fifth son, remained on the home place and married his uncle NathanielÕs daughter Ann, called Nancy.

Stephen was a strong vigorous man, suited tot he hard work of a pioneer farmer, clearing the land, tilling the soil and harvesting his crops with the primitive tools for that period. At harvest time he would scythe with or without a cradle, one of his sons would come behind and rake, and another son would follow and bind the grain. After that the sheaves were stooked, if necessary by moonlight, and often by the women in the family.

In 1840 the harvest was a good one and Stephen anticipated a busy winter threshing the oats and wheat stored in his barn and in the stacks beside the barn, built carefully to shed the rain. and snow. The threshing was done on the bar floor, the doors open for the wind to blow out the chaff, while the thresher beat out the grain with his flail. This farm chore was to have been StephenÕs winter pastime but while standing in the barn talking to a young man he suddenly dropped to the barn floor and died in a few seconds. Shortly before, he had been remarking on his good health and his intention to thresh all the grain in the barn himself. he was buried near his brother Nathaniel in the Methodist cemetery across the river. Fanny was a widow for twenty-two years before her funeral procession wended its way from Middleton to the same cemetery at Lower Bedeque. She died at the home of one of her sons "after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation", according to her death notice in RossÕ Weekly for Feb. 26, 1863. She was ninety-two years old, the last surviving member of her family.

Stephen died without a will and his widow and sons John and Nathaniel well appointed administrators to settle his estate. The sons received title to the farm they were already living on. The married daughters had received their shares when they married and left home, Lydia to set up housekeeping at South Shore, Frances in Wilmot Valley, and Betty at Shemogue, N.B. The younger girls, Hannah and Nancy were to receive the rent from their fatherÕs share of the grant given to their Grandfather in Lot 19. Hannah soon married her cousin and went to live at South Shore, leaving her mother and sister Nancy in the old house. There Nancy brought up her brother WilliamÕs daughter Fannie. She was called "Little Aunt Nancy" by her numerous nieces and nephews, while her brother NathanielÕs wife, living in a new house on the property, was called "Bid Aunt Nancy". Little Aunt Nancy was of a milder disposition and was the favourite with her Middleton Nieces and nephews. After she died in 1874 the house gradually came to be used as a store house. There are several references to it in her nephew JesseÕs diary: Mary 16, 1883: "Put beehive in old house. Took comb out of the other one. Tried out honey.Õ June 6, 1885: "The old house caught fire.: The final entry, June 13, 1902: "tearing down old house." Now, in 1977, the site is barely discernable. 
WRIGHT, Stephen (I6577)
381 "The Wrights of Bedeque, A Loyalist Family" Doris Haslan

In 1840 the harvest was a good one and Stephen anticipated a busy winter threshing the oats and wheat stored in his barn and in the stacks beside the barn, built carefully to shed the rain. and snow. The threshing was done on the bar floor, the doors open for the wind to blow out the chaff, while the thresher beat out the grain with his flail. This farm chore was to have been StephenÕs winter pastime but while standing in the barn talking to a young man he suddenly dropped to the barn floor and died in a few seconds. Shortly before, he had been remarking on his good health and his intention to thresh all the grain in the barn himself. he was buried near his brother Nathaniel in the Methodist cemetery across the river. Fanny was a widow for twenty-two years before her funeral procession wended its way from Middleton to the same cemetery at Lower Bedeque. She died at the home of one of her sons "after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation", according to her death notice in RossÕ Weekly for Feb. 26, 1863. She was ninety-two years old, the last surviving member of her family.

FannyÕs parents, John and Elizabeth (Cottrell) Lord, with children John, Nancy and Fanny , came to the Island of St. John in 1773 from England. They settled on the farm along the Tyron River which later was occupied by Warren Lord and his son Rich. Fanny had 5 brother and sisters. 
LORD, Frances (I6578)
382 "The Wrights of Bedeque, A Loyalist Family" by Doris Haslan
Page #46

Elizabeth Wright called Betty was born ca 1796 in North Bedeque, P.E.I. and died Jan 10, 1866 at the age of 69 in Shemogue, N.B. She married Jan 22, 1818 William Anderson. He was born Sept. 8, 1796 and died Aug. 13, 1867 in Shemogue, N.B. William Anderson and his five brothers, John, Joseph, David, Robert and Alexander, are said to have come from Scotland to Prince Edward Island in the early years of the nineteenth century. By 1809 they had taken up land in the Shemogue area of New Brunswick, in a district which became known as Anderson Settlement. WilliamÕs land lay on the western side of Little Shemogue Harbour. The notice of his marriage appeared in the Feb. 16th, 1818 issue of the P.E.I. Gazette: " Married: On the 22nd January >r. William Anderson of Shemogue to Miss Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Mr. Stephen Wright of Bedeque."

When William brought Betty to their log cabin in Shemogue there were no roads, scarcely even a bridle path through the forest. Waterways and sand beach along the Northumberland Strait were the main highways. Like the other pioneers they had to struggle hard in order to build a productive livelihood. The soil was fertile and nature produced good crops of wheat, oats, buckwheat and potatoes as soon as the land could be cleared. In order to convert his grain into flour William carried the bags by horseback to the nearest grist mill. A well organized homestead was practically self-sufficient. The cattle provided food, leather for shoes and harness, and tallow for the candles. The ox team took the place of the present-day tractor. The shearing of the sheep and the washing, carding, spinning and dyeing of the wool had to be done before Betty could start to weave the homespun she would fashion into warm practical garments for the whole family.

The first sermon preached in hat part of the country was delivered in a barn owned by one of the Anderson brothers. William was among the first to be elected to the eldership of the Presbyterian Church in Shemoge at the time of the organization in 1830. His son Stephen later became an elder of the same church.

Betty died a few days before their forty-eighth wedding anniversary and William passed away the next year, remembered (by his little five-year old granddaughter, Maria Blacklock) as a kind old man with long white should length hair. 
WRIGHT, Elizabeth (Betty) (I6572)
383 "The Wrights of Bedeque..A Loyalist Family" Doris Haslan

7) James Renwick, called Ren; m. Lottie Trenholm

Note: "Ren" has always been referred to as William Renwick. It has never really been settled as to whether his name was James, William or both (SB Note)

SB Note: In later info on the Spence family the infant that died was referred to as William. It is possible that when the Book "The Wrights of Bedeque" was written, that the two were confused and the infant was really James, not William. When William and Lottie and their family travelled to the west (early 1900's) all contact with the relatives in the East was eventually lost and not regained until connection was made through the internet in 1997.

James Renwick Spence, called Ren was born in Spence Settlement, N. B. and died in Alberta. He married Lottie Trenholm. (Ren died in Ewings Landing, B. C. SB)

Ren and Lottie lived on the 175 acres given to him by his father. he sold the farm to his brother George C. Spence and moved to Alberta. The farm is now owned by GerogeÕs Grandson, Kenneth Spence. 
SPENCE, William Renwick (Ren) (I6554)
384 "The Wrights of Bedeque..A Loyalist Family", by Doris Haslam, page #5-7
William Wright, progenitor of the Wrights of Bedeque, was a Loyalist refugee who came from Westchester County, New York, to Prince Edward Island in July 1784 with his wife and children and settled in North Bedeque, where he died in February 1819. He is the ancestor of a multitude, as can been seen from the length of this history. Little is known, however, of his life. By piecing together the few references that are made to him in old records we can see its general outline, but the details, which would be fascinating could we only know them, are lost forever.

When the American Revolution began William and his family were living about twenty-five miles from New York City, near the border of Westchester County with Connecticut. We do not know the names of his wife or his father, but we do know that the wife was a Presbyterian and that the father, a Quaker like William, lived in the same general area. William had two sons, Nathaniel and Stephen, and four daughters: Hannah, Sara, Lydia and another who married Solomon Dibble and settled in Westchester County or in nearby Connecticut.

Though a Quaker and therefore a pacifist, William openly identified himself with the Loyalist cause and for this was imprisoned for twelve months. His elder son joined the Loyalist militia and took active part in the skirmishes between rebels and Loyalists in the area. WilliamÕs wife and younger children, left at home, were an easy prey to those on the rebel side who made their way to the farms or known Loyalists ("Tories" as they were called) to confiscate crops, livestock,. food, clothing, persona possessionÑall that could be seized and taken. Testifying before the Committee on Loyalists in 1833, WilliamÕs younger son stated under oath: "My father and family were deprived of all their property to a considerable amount by the Rebels, except one bed for the whole family, which included seven persons."

When the American Revolution ended the Wright family were at the nadir of their fortunes. Dispossessed of property and belongings, they were now under sentence of banishment, for the Americans, who had inaugurated their Declaration of Independence by declaring all adherents to the Crown were traitors whose property was liable to confiscation, followed the recognition of independence by Britain with decrees exiling such adherents from their territories. In addition, the entire family except William were sick with yellow fever, the elder son (Nathaniel) not expected to live. William cast his lot in the "Port Roseway Associates" , a group of Loyalists organized in New York who arranged for transportation to Port Roseway (soon afterwards named Shelburne) on the south coast of Nova Scotia. he and his family left New York for Nova Scotia in August 1783 and remained in Shelburne about ten months before moving on the Island of St. John, as Prince Edward Island was then named. The Wrights were one of a group of Loyalist families and individuals brought to the Island from Shelburne by William SchurmanÑanother Westchester County LoyalistÑto settle on lands reserved for them in the Bedeque area. The group arrived in Charlottetown on July 26th, 1784. Three days later lots were allocated to the Schurman group, generally 500 acres to a married man and 300 acres to a single man. William Wright drew his 500 acres in Log 19, 50 acres of it fronting on Wilmot Creek: his son Nathaniel drew 300 acres in Lot 26, on the south side of the Dunk River. These grants were registered in 17896. Previously William Wright and John Murray had each been granted 100 acres on Dunk or Bedeque River as shown on Map No. 1 marked "Refugee Share drawn for in council 27th of May 1784."

There is in existence an interesting report on the Schurman group of Loyalist refugees dated August 9th, 1784 and prepared by Charles Stewart, who had been appointed to muster the "Discharged and Disbanded Soldiers and Loyalists":
52 men women and children have arrived from Shelburne as settlers for the Island. They were issued by the Commissary one monthÕs provisions without which they could not possibly proceed to the Settlement allotted them by the Governor and Council. They were on the landing instantly mustered and certification signed by the commissary at Shelburne of the quantity of provision they had received there were produced before any were issued to them here. As it took sup some time to go through their certificate, and the winds was for some days unfavorable to their sailing to Bedeque Harbor (the place of their settlement), I consented to the commissaryÕs issuing a second monthÕs provisions to them. The distress in which they arrived here and their improbability of being able to procure any kind of vessel to convey them. Provisions as they may require will I hope be consideration sufficient to obtain the GeneralÕs approbation of what has been done in reference to them

William and his family settled in what is now North Bedeque, on the north side of the Dunk River, between lands acquired by Samuel Birch Rix and Jesse Strang, who were to become his sons-in-law. A third future son-in-law, William Murray, settled east of Jesse Strang. William built his first log house some distance from the shore, thatching it with seaweed and chining the spaces between the logs with moss and mud. The large chimney, with cooking fireplace, stood in the centre of the cabin. The light came in through a hole cut in the wall. When the wind howled and rain beat down, the hole was covered and candles lit, when there were candles. When none were available the necessary illumination came from the fireplace.

Before long, conditions began to improve for the William Wright family, as they did for the other pioneer in Bedeque. The account book for their neighbor William Schurman, first merchant in Bedeque, shows that on April 1st, 1786 our William bourght one cow at four pounds, a yard and a quarter of broadcloth at six shillings threepence, a "bibel" at one pound three shillings, and shipped wool to Mr. Woren at a cost of one shilling for "frate".

William Wright was the first shoemaker in the area but he may not have been unduly busy, because wooden clogs and sealskin moccasins were worn by many of the earliest settlers.

In 1787 Sarah moved to the next farm, the bride of Jesse Strang, the young Loyalist from Westchester County. Nathaniel was the next to leave the parental roof. He married Ann Lord and settled in Tryon next to her parents. Stephen married NancyÕs sister Frances Lord and moved in with his parents. The 1798 census for the Island shows William Wright head of a household of eight, who would have been William and his wife; his grandson William (aged 6); his son Stephen, wife Fanny and children Lydia (5) , John (3) and Elizabeth (1)

We find one instance of William being involved in a court case. As a Loyalist he had been given a 50 acre lot not far from his home, adjoining a lot granted to the Palmer family. Jonathan Palmer, however, settled on WilliamÕs rather then on his own, and by the time the Quaker took him to court over it young Palmer had built himself a house and barn on the property, planted an orchard, and "carried away a great quantity of valuable timber". The court awarded dames of L46-17-6 to William with the understanding he would give Palmer a deed to the property. William Wright died in February 1819 and was probably buried in the newly opened Presbyterian cemetery, the land for which was given by his son-in-law Jesse Strang. A few months later William Schurman, who had broght the Wright family from Shelburne, was buried in the same cemetery. William Wright had lived on the Island over thirty-four years, long enough to see many changes and have over fifty descendants call him Grandfather. 
WRIGHT, William UEL (I6579)
385 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PARSONS, P.M. (I4929)
386 (about 1894)? CUNEFARE, Alta (I688)
387 (drowned) SPENCE, George Lorne (I784)
388 (Intentions) Family F11467
389 (is this a Jr. Or is something wrong?) BROOKS, John C. (I288)
390 (may be 16th and 1872) BECKWITH, Thaddius D. (I842)
391 (Maybe 1750) BECKWITH, John (I1079)
392 (Maybe 27 Jan 1908) NELSON, Mary Josephine (I822)
393 (Maybe this is really John W. Brooks) BROOKS, James (John?) (I903)

"ALLEN","Alfred","M","1803-10-28","Lydia Vaughan",,,,"CTWP" "ALLEN","Alice","D","1868-04-12","Liverpool",,,"17m","TALP" "ALLEN","Alice Cann","C","1866-05-10","Samuel J M & Alice",,"1866-05-10",,"TALP" "ALLEN","Allister Cann","B","1857-11-24","Samuel J M & Alice",,"1860-04-10",,"TALP" "ALLEN","Ambrose","B","1840-10-22","David & Elizabeth EICHERT",,"1841-04-27",,"PL" "ALLEN","Ambrose","B","1844-__-27","Samuel &",,"1844-06-02",,"PL" "ALLEN","Ambrose","D","1840-03-22","Chester",,,"94y","SSAC" "ALLEN","Ambrose","M","1789-05-19","CHURCH, Eliz",,,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Ambrose","M","1812-11-22","Minnick, Catharine wdw","wdwr",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Ambrose (w)","M","1824-10-03","FLOYD, Sarah","Lunenburg",,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Amelia","B","1853-03-21","Samuel & Mary Anne",,"1853-05-07",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Ann","B","1790-03-28","Ambrose & Hannah",,"1790-07-23",,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Ann","B","1804-09-24","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1804-10-29",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Ann","M","1819-03-06","John Hamilton","d/Ambrose",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Ann","M","1834-12-18","Francis Dauphiney w:JasDauphine","&JacSlaugh",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Ann Armstrong","B","1822-06-04","Ambrose & Mary",,"1822-08-25",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Ann Margaret","B","1813-03-22","Jacob & Cath",,"1813-07-31",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Ann Mary","B","1819-08-06","John & Ann Mary Cook",,"1820-05-01",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Ann Mary","D","1820-05-01","w/John shipmaster","Lunenburg",,"35y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Ann Susanna","B","1832-07-25","Samuel & Mary Ann",,"1832-08-01",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Arthur","M","1891-01-07","Flora Miller","Blue Rocks",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Atarby","B","1870-03-20","David & Casaandra Robar",,"1871-07-25",,"LL" "ALLEN","Austin","B","1880-07-22","James Daniel & Lucy Knickel",,"1880-08-29",,"LL" "ALLEN","Barbara Eunice","B","1822-01-03","David & Eliz",,"1822-03-31",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Bertha Lucy","M","1888 Bef","Edwin Lohnes",,,, "ALLEN","Calvin Leslie","B","1887-09-12","Ambrose & Ellen Miller","Blue Rocks","1888-02-13",,"PL" "ALLEN","Caroline","B","1816-07-02","Gabriel & Cath",,"1816-09-13",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Cath","B","1825-10-25","Jacob & Catherine twin",,"1826-04-23",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Cath","B","1830-10-10","David & Elizabeth",,"1830-11-06",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Cath","D","1820-10-20","w/Ambrose","Bu 1820-10",,"70y","DRL" "ALLEN","Cath","M","1824-09-09","Christian Robar",,,,"DRL" "ALLEN","Cath","M","1850-03-03","Leonard Langille",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Charles Asa","B","1820-05-26","Ambrose & Mary",,"1822-08-25",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Charles David","B","1812-10-05","Ambrose & Eliz",,"1812-11-21",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Charles David","B","1833-10-16","David & Elizabeth",,"1834-01-31",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Daniel","M","1859-01-08","Christianne Knickle","s/Samuel",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","David","B","1787-12-09","Ambrose & Hannah",,"1788-03-23",,"SSAC" "ALLEN","David","B","1838-06-09","David & Catherine Eliz Eichert",,"1838-12-24",,"PL" "ALLEN","David","D","1860-03-30",,"Springfiel",,"74u3m","MBA" "ALLEN","David","M","1817-07-06","Eichert, Elizabeth",,,,"DRL" "ALLEN","David","M","1866 Bef","Cassandra Robar",,,, "ALLEN","Eliz","B","1784-01-22","Ambrose & Hannah",,"1789-05-19",,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Eliz","B","1828-06-30","Jacob & Catherine",,"1828-10-28",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Eliz","D","1801-03-02",,,,"17y 6m","DRL" "ALLEN","Eliz","D","1832-07-11","d/Jacob","Blue Rocks",,"04y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Eliz","M","1812-04-09","Wambold, George",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Eloma","M","1899-06-17","Freeman Wagner","Blue Rocks",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Elsie Anne","B","1859-03-25","Edward & Margaret Jane",,"1860-03-23",,"TALP" "ALLEN","Emma Ellen","B","1880-01-13","James & Cath Meisner",,"1880-01-29",,"LL" "ALLEN","Emma Louisa","B","1860-06-13","Daniel & Christianne",,"1860-09-07",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Eunice","B","1825-10-25","Jacob & Catherine twin",,"1826-04-23",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Eunice","M","1800-07-08","Heckman, Jn Adam",,,,"DRL" "ALLEN","Eunice","M","1844","Wagner, Thomas",,,,"IGI" "ALLEN","Eunice","M","1847-12-09","Martin Zwicker","Clearland",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Eva Kathleen","B","1911-02-05","Henry & Eva Risser",,"1911-03-02",,"LL" "ALLEN","Frances","M","1814-12-24","FREIDEN, Joseph",,,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Frances Barbara","B","1800-06-22","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1800-08-03",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Francesca","M","1837 Bef","Benjamin Weinacht",,,, "ALLEN","George","B","1817-08-03","John & Ann Mary Koch Lunenburg",,"1817-09-28",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","George Henry","B","1820-03-15","Jacob & Catherine",,"1823-06-28",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Hannah","D","1812-05-12","w/Ambrose",,,,"DRL" "ALLEN","Hannah","M","1792-05-10","Dunlap, Hugh",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Hannah","M","1813-01-14","Boucher, Jacob",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Hannah","M","1833-12-05","Jacob Daree w:Francis Dauphiney","& J Contoi",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Hannah Cath","B","1815-10-11","Jacob Lee & Catherine",,"1815-12-27",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Hannah Eliz","B","1818-04-13","Jacob & Eliz Eichert",,"1818-06-13",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Hannah Eliz","M","1837 Bef","Jacob Naas",,,, "ALLEN","Hannah Sophia","B","1828-01-20","Hannah (by James Weigel)",,"1828-02-16",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Harriet Amelia","B","1871-09-08","James Fred & Susanna Cath",,"1872-04-15",,"PL" "ALLEN","Harriet Amelia","M","1895 Bef","Charles Walter Cantelope",,,, "ALLEN","Henry","D","1848-02-03",,"Lunenburg",,"27y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Henry","D","1862-03-05","s/Samuel, d.3 Mar","Blue Rocks",,"16y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Henry","M","1894-04-24","Sybilla Weinacht","Blue Rocks",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Herbert","M","1899-02-08","Margaret Tanner","Blue Rocks",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Isaac","B","1785-12-15","Ambrose & Hannah",,"1789-05-19",,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Isaac","D","1847-12-11","s/Edward","Mdl La Hav",,"2y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Israel","B","1840-11-01","Samuel & Mary Ann ZELLER",,"1841-06-06",,"PL" "ALLEN","Israel","D","1862-03-09","s/Samuel, d.7 Mar","Blue Rocks",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Jacob","B","1809-04-07","Jacob Lee & Cath",,"1809-09-12",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Jacob","B","1817-04-11","Ambose & Eliz",,"1817-06-16",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Jacob","D","1860-06-03","d.31 May","Lunenburg",,"88y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Jacob","M","1839-11-24","Amelia Knickle",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","James","D","1857-02-16","s/William Reuben","Clearland",,"5m","MBA" "ALLEN","James","M","1880 Bef","Cath Rosanna Meisner",,,, "ALLEN","James Alexander","B","1852-09-18","Thomas Edward & Mary Eliz",,"1852-12-26",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","James Arthur","B","1869-01","Daniel & Christianne",,"1869-08-22",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","James Daniel","M","1880 Bef","Lucy Knickel",,,, "ALLEN","James Frederick","B","1839-10-14","Jacob & Amelia",,"1839-11-24",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","James Henry","B","1846-09-14","Samuel & Mary Anne",,"1846-01-09",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","James Lemuel","B","1882-12-13","James & Rosanna Meisner",,"1883-02-21",,"LL" "ALLEN","James M","M","1857-01-10","HECKMAN, Clara","Liverpool",,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","James Richard","B","1826-08-31","Ambrose & Mary",,"1826-11-26",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Jeremiah","C","1780-12-10","Ambrose & Hannah",,"1781-10-28",,"SSAC" "ALLEN","John","B","1810-04-14","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1810-08-04",,"DRL" "ALLEN","John","B","1811-02-17","Jacob Lee & Cath",,"1811-12-21",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","John","B","1812-07-20","Gabriel & Cath",,"1812-09-28",,"DRL" "ALLEN","John","B","1836-02-21","David & Elizabeth",,"1837-01-02",,"DRL" "ALLEN","John","C","1782-04-15","Ambrose & Hannah",,"1789-05-19",,"SSAC" "ALLEN","John","D","1839-02-28","s/Jacob, of consumption","Lunenburg",,"28y","SJAL" "ALLEN","John","M","1812-03-12","Cook, Ann Mary",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","John","M","1875-09-12","Porter, Mary Elizabeth","Liverpool",,,"MLP" "ALLEN","John James","M","1884-01-01","Bessie Friedenburgh",,,,"PL" "ALLEN","Joseph","B","1802-11-07","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1802-12-19",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Julianna","B","1819-01-17","Ambrose & Eliz",,"1819-06-22",,"DRL" "ALLEN","June Ada","B","1885-06-15","James & Susanna Meisner",,"1885-08-17",,"PL" "ALLEN","Louisa Eliz","B","1864-10-08","Edward & Mary Elizabeth",,"1865-04-01",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Louisa Sophia","M","1890 Bef","Obadiah Wamboldt",,,, "ALLEN","Lucy","B","1808-03-21","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1808-07-10",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Lydia Regina","B","1806-07-09","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1806-08-10",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Margaret C","M","1853-02-17","Joseph P Miller","Fredricton",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Marion","B","1859-08-20","Samuel J M & Alice",,"1860-04-10",,"TALP" "ALLEN","Mary","D","1797-10-29","Lunenburg d/Ambrose",,,"25y","DRL" "ALLEN","Mary","M","1818-02-03","NIXON, Thomas","Tancook Is",,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Mary","M","1823-12-16","DANIEL, Alexander","Chester",,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Mary","M","1824-11-27","SCHLAGENWEID, Jacob","St Marg Ba",,,"SSAC" "ALLEN","Mary Ann","B","1833-09-15","Samuel & Mary Ann",,"1833-08-24",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Mary Ann","B","1847-10-08","Samuel & Mary Anne",,"1848-01-07",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Mary Ann","D","1833-08-27","d/Samuel","25-08-1833",,"10d","DRL" "ALLEN","Mary Barbara","B","1798-08-26","Ambrose & Eliz Church",,"1798-09-23",,"DRL" "ALLEN",
"Mary Cath","B","1804-11-08","Jacob Lee & Cath",
"1804-12-25",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Mary Cath","B","1812-12-27","John & Ann Mary Koch",,"1813-02-28",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Mary Cath","D","1855-03-19","w/Jacob, d.16 Mar","Lunenburg",,"75y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Mary Eliz","B","1824-06-03","David & Elizabeth",,"1824-12-15",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Mary Eliz","M","1841-04-01","Thomas Edward Allan","Lwr South",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Mary Jane","B","1814-12-20","Gabriel & Mary Cath",,"1815-02-20",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Matthew","M","1810-04-16","Cornelius, Nelly wdw",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Minnie Dora Belle","B","1884-08-08","Ambrose & Ellen Miller",,"1885-02-23",,"PL" "ALLEN","Peter Daniel","B","1830-10-06","John Samuel & Mary",,"1831-06-26",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Robert Lambrith","B","1863-08-26","Daniel & Christianne",,"1864-02-08",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Samuel","B","1801-08-27","Samuel & Susanna",,"1801-10-25",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Samuel","B","1806-11-14","Jacob Lee & Cath",,"1807-05-31",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Samuel","D","1801-03-03","h/Darez, Susanna",,,"26y","DRL" "ALLEN","Samuel","D","1842-03-01","s/Samuel & Mary Ann","26-02-1842",,"3y20d","PL" "ALLEN","Samuel","M","1799-11-14","Darez, Susanna",,,,"DRL" "ALLEN","Samuel","M","1829-01-22","Zeller, Mary Catherine",,,,"ML" "ALLEN","Samuel Abraham","B","1838-09-13","Samuel & Maria Cath Zeller",,"1839-01-03",,"ZLL" "ALLEN","Samuel William","B","1814-09-10","Ambrose & Eliz",,"1814-11-05",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Sarah","B","1836-06-10","Samuel & Mary Ann",,"1837-02-08",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Sarah","C","1866-05-10","Samuel J M & Alice",,"1866-05-10",,"TALP" "ALLEN","Sarah","D","1852-09-22","Chester",,,"87y10d","SSAC" "ALLEN","Sarah","M","1865-07-14","Henry Conrad","s/Pet d/Sa",,,"LL" "ALLEN","Sarah Ada","B","1861-10-18","Daniel & Christianne",,"1861-11-01",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Sarah Ann","B","1816-01-29","John & Ann Mary Koch",,"1816-03-31",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Sarah Ann","B","1820-03-27","David & Eliz Eichert",,"1820-06-18",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Sarah Ann","M","1835-04-30","George Acker",,,,"DRL" "ALLEN","Sarah Barbara","B","1822-02-08","Jacob & Catherine",,"1823-06-28",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Sarah Bertha","M","1882 Bef","John William Naas",,,, "ALLEN","Solomon","B","1829-09","Samuel & Maria Cath Zeller Lb",,"1829-12-27",,"ML" "ALLEN","Solomon","D","1853-05-08","killed in gun accident 6 May","Blue Rocks",,"24y","SJAL" "ALLEN","Solomon","M","1851-06-09","Catherine Tanner",,,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Sophia","B","1826-08-20","David & Elizabeth",,"1826-10-19",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Sophia","M","1860 Bef","Jacob Acker",,,, "ALLEN","Sophia Ellen","B","1865-07-08","Daniel & Christianne",,"1866-06-08",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Susanna","M","1814-11-20","Reid, Alexander W","wdw",,,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Susanna","M","1850-01-01","Stephen Greek","Blue Rocks",,,"PL" "ALLEN","Susanna Eliz","B","1866-10-13","David & Cassandra Robar",,"1866-12-23",,"LL" "ALLEN","Thomas Edward","B","1817-10-07","Jacob Lee & Cath Ragged Isla",,"1818-01-08",,"SJAL" "ALLEN","Thomas Edward","B","1834-08-10","Samuel & Mary Ann",,"1834-11-14",,"DRL" "ALLEN","Thomas Edward","B","1843-08-26","Thomas Edward & Mary",,"1843-12-24",,"PL" "ALLEN","Thomas Edward","M","1841-04-01","Mary Eliz Allan","Lwr South",,,"PL" "ALLEN","William Albert","B","1887-08-15","James & Susanna Meisner","GardenLots","1888-02-08",,"PL" "ALLEN","William Clarence","B","1882-02-18","Ambrose & Ellen Mille 
ALLEN, Jacob Lee (I25405)
395 (Research):from the Descendants of WIlliam Allen on www.accessgenealogy.com/surnames/allen ALLEN, Ambrose (I25480)
396 *****From the 1850 U.S. Census; Shields Twp [Township], Lake Co., Ill.******
from printed copy

Page 35[?], Dwelling No. 35, Family No. 35
Name, age, sex, color [left blank in all cases], occupation, birthplace
[Whoever copied this wrote Condall, not Condell but it was a copy error.]

Condall, William, 35, M, Farmer, Ireland, value of real estate: $1400
" , Martha, 35, F, Ireland
" , Nelson, 9, M, Illinois, in school
" , Ann, 7, F, Illinois, in school
" , Elizabeth, 5, F, Illinois, in school
" , Martha, 3, F, Illinois
" , Mary, 1/2, F, Illinois
Wanton, Thomas, 18, M, Laborer, Illinois

*****From the 1860 U.S. Census; Shields Twp [Township], Lake Co., Ill.*****

Condall, William, 48
" , Martha, 48
Shields, Nelson, 18
" , Ann, 17
Condell, Elizabeth, 15
" , Martha, 13
" , Mary, 11
" , Joseph, 8 [our Great Grandfather and Grandma Helen Condell Lee's Father] 
COLE, Martha (I22919)
397 , daughter
of Jacobi Capella
!DEATH: #78; Ursula Judith Cadra; Jacobo Cadra and Maria Catharina, d aughter of
Jacobi Capella 
CADRA, Ursula Judith (I2832)
398 , daughter
of Jacobi Capella 
CADRA, Maria Dominicia (I2679)
399 , Del Norte
Recorder; Birth Record #4 232B
BIRTH-DEATH: CA State Index; 14703; age 63; DofD 3/7/1938; Humbolt C ounty, CA;
wife Init V; Stanford C Laughlin
BIRTH: 1900 US Census; Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; 13 63 7 7; livi ng with
William F Griggs (step-father); JUL 1849; M 27 years; NY MA NY; Sar a A Griggs;
AUG 1847; M 27 years; 4 children, all alive; Ohio VA PA; Sanford C Lo chlin;
MAY 1874; Ohio Ohio Ohio
BIRTH: 1910 US Census; 076 0100 0032; Hasperia Judicial Dist Twp, San
Bernardino, CA; age 36; Ohio Ohio Ohio; M1 7 years; Sanford C Laughlin
BIRTH: 1920 US Census; 85 155 7 15; Hesperian Precinct No 2, San Ber nardino,
CA; age 45, OH Ohio Ohio; Sanford C Laughlin
!RESIDENCE: Polks Directory; 1924 and 1925; Alderpoint, Humbolt Count y; Rancher
!RESIDENCE: Homestead Record San Bernardino County California; Boo k H Page 136;
21 DEC 1908 Laughlin S.C. recorded 5 APR 1909; 160 acres 
LAUGHLIN, Sanford Campbell (I2408)
400 - Joannina
PAPINA, Angela Maria (I2872)

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